Why choose St. Clare Catholic School for your child?


What our parents say. . .

"St. Clare Catholic School exudes a warm, friendly, family-oriented environment with visual reminders everywhere of living a Christian life. The moral foundation we are building at home is being reinforced at school.  Combining religion and community with academics provides a basis that will benefit our children forever."  - Delana Romenesko

"When I think of making the choice to send my children to St. Clare or the public school, I think St Clare is the best investment I can make for my childrens' future.  St Clare School is a place where my children are excelling in academics, but also, growing their faith.  The morals and values they are building in these formative years will only serve to strengthen them when they are faced with the many challenges awaiting them now and in the future." - Jennifer Zemple

What our students say. . .
“I came to St. Clare Catholic School when I was in 6th grade. At St. Clare I found that everyone was very welcoming and I quickly made new friends. All throughout my 3 years at St. Clare’s I have had good teachers and I was always challenged in my school work. Looking back, this really meant a lot to me. St. Clare School prepared me well for high school with challenging classes, good teachers, and a schedule that was a lot like what we would have in high school.  Most importantly though, I learned about my Catholic faith and what it means to be Catholic. Overall, my experience at St. Clare Catholic School is one that I will never forget. I’m proud to say I graduated from St. Clare Catholic School.”- Nate Kola - 2012 Graduate

“As I look back, St. Clare School had a huge impact on me. The teachers were always kind, caring and helped you do your best. They were always happy to provide one-on-one help with any questions you had. Also, our classes were small so we each got a lot of assistance during class. Another great thing about being at St. Clare was the opportunity to have religion class and go to Mass. After going on the Steubenville Youth Conference last year I now truly appreciate those efforts to incorporate our Catholic faith into daily school.” - Sean Rohan - 2012 Graduate



Mission Statement

A family of lifelong learners dedicated to the growth and development of each person by nurturing Catholic faith, talents, and stewardship.

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St. Clare Catholic School is dedicated to the education of the whole child, intellectually, spiritually, physically and creatively.  Come and see what a difference a Catholic education can make in the life of your child.

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